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Traditional Leather Sofas

The unmistakably classic traditional leather sofa is the Chesterfield. Characterized by deep set buttons and a robust sturdy appearance, this timeless design is the epitome of sofa making heritage. There is something reassuring about this sofa style: it is solid, dependable and built to last. Combined with the fact that they are easily maintained and cleaned and above all else, comfortable to sit on – this design will never fade away.

But what exactly makes a Chesterfield a Chesterfield? It is primarily the leather material combined with deep buttons. In other countries the term is more loosely applied to any sofa or settee in general. Strictly speaking the arms and back of a Chesterfield should be of the same height, but nowadays this is more flexible and the back of the sofa can be higher than the arms.

Why would one want to purchase a traditional leather sofa? With so many other modern designs the choice may seem old fashioned or quaint. It really comes down to personal taste. Maybe you are a traditional type of person, or a part of your home simply needs that classic touch. In older buildings traditional furniture is needed to maintain the correct look and feel of a room.

Another reason is comfort. These days leather sofas can be made with a variety of fillings, making them a pleasure to sit down and relax on.

Perhaps the sofa is not for your home, but for your business. Do you need to project a "we are part of the trusted establishment" image to the world? If so then a Chesterfield would be just the sofa you need.

Traditional Leather Sofas – The Classic Chesterfield in Brown

traditional leather sofas

So once you have opted to buy a traditional leather sofa, what follows is to think about is colour. Gone are the days when one was restricted to brown, although there is no doubt that brown is a great choice for a "traditional" traditional sofa. Don't forget that brown leather comes in many shades that can match a variety of settings. Because it is a natural product, every single piece of leather takes on its own unique pattern (similarly to wood for example – as every tree is different). So don't dismiss beautiful brown too quickly.

However, apart from brown there is black, red, green and many more. You can always specify what colour you want. In addition, you can always choose your own upholstery if you so desire, just in case leather is not for you. Take a look at the Velvet Chesterfields for something truly unique!

The sofas in this category do not just come in one type of Chesterfield. There are several brands to consider purchasing, and they are constructed lots of different of sizes. As well as sofas we have armchairs and traditional footstools as well.

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