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Traditional Fabric Sofas

The kind of design features one might find in traditional fabric sofas are unique leg features and outwardly curving armrests. The back tends to be higher than the arms also and tends to be straight (but can be curved also).

In this category we have listed all of our excellent traditional fabric sofas. This type might needed for when you need a more timely classical design to benefit any setting where a more mature and sophisticated look is required.

These sofas are luxurious indeed, deeply comfortable, appealing and manufactured from materials of the highest quality. Most are available in a range of sizes from 2-seaters up to 4, come with a choice of scatter cushion fillings (feather or high density reflex foam for example) and of course a wide variety of colours. Accessories such as matching footstools are also purchasable.

Often thought of as an exclusively leather sofa, the Chesterfield is also available as a fabric sofa for that super traditional look.

Remember traditional doesn't mean old fashioned! Far from it, modern traditional sofas look chic and classy. The term "traditional" is simply used to designate certain features of sofas mentioned above, such as the shape of the arm rests for example.

The Styles of Traditional Fabric Sofas

traditional fabric sofas

Take a look at some of the sofas in this section and you'll see that rather than being outdated, they are actually elegant, and gentle on the eyes. These types of sofas are perfect for the conservatory, where one might go to read a book. They also work very well in a guest room or hallway. Overall they are best suited for when one needs a good looking sofa or suite that is not the centre of attention on the room.

The frames of some of these sofas are handmade from renewable European beach wood. They are constructed with hundreds of dowels for additional strength, heavy duty pins and wood glue. Thus kind of pure craftsmanship results in furniture that simply lasts and lasts. Most sofas are by their very nature a heavily used item, so being able to withstand all of those human beings sitting and lying down is paramount.

Supplied by only the top online retailers, our traditional fabric sofas make a fine (and refined) addition to any home or space. 

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