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Welcome to the compare sofa beds category. One of the easiest ways to get the most from the space you have in your home is a sofa bed. Not only can it be used for sitting on, but when your spare room is full or you need to have a guest stay overnight it provides for much more comfort than sleeping on a standard sofa.

Modern sofa beds have a folding mechanism that allows the bed frame and legs to be stored in the base of the sofa. It is usually impossible to tell if a sofa is a sofa bed just by looking at it or even sitting on it. Once the top cushions have been removed, the bed is visible and can be extracted by pulling up on the frame bar. Pulling out extends the legs and sets the bed in place. A mattress is stored on the bed frame in situ, so it does not have to be stored separately outside of the sofa bed. Other types can have a simple foam fold-out that literally takes just a few seconds to set up.

In terms of size, 3 seater sofas are the most common and these give a decent queen-size or double bed (compare prices for large sofa beds here). Smaller types are also available in the form of 2 and single seaters (small sofa beds can be seen on this page). Some corner sofas also turn into beds and of course you can make a 3 piece suite with a sofa bed and armchairs.

The most common room for a sofabed is the living room. But if you have the space consider one in the home office, children's play room or games room. Of course if you get stuck at the office after working late then having one there wouldn't go amiss either.

Additional Info. on Sofa Beds

Sofa beds come in leather or fabric materials, and in a variety of colours and styles. These factors should be foremost in your mind when you come to deciding which sofa bed would be best for your home. There is an additional consideration when choosing a sofa bed and that is how comfortable it is to sleep on. Sofa beds are not meant to replace a normal bed in most instances, and are designed accordingly. Having said that some of them are not particularly easy to sleep on, thus defeating the object of providing a bed in the first place. It is important therefore to invest in a decent sofa bed that will provide a comfortable nights sleep to your guest, otherwise they might end up on the floor!

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The things to look out for are mattress thickness, the thicker the better and try to get memory foam or fully sprung if you can. A good solid and sturdy frame is also a plus, as this will help prevent tipping.

Some of the best quality sofa beds can be used on a daily basis, if you have someone staying for a few weeks for example. Alternatively if your place is on the small side you may need a good quality product that you use every night. In terms of functionality, corner sofa beds can make very good and practical sofa beds.

If you know your budget already, you can choose the price range of viewable products on this page using the form at the top. You can compare cheap sofa bed prices on this page.

You will find a choice of many sofa beds to buy on this site. All of them are available from the country's leading suppliers who use only the best materials in the construction of their products.

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