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Sofa Bed Reviews

Sofa Beds – The Ultimate in Practical Sofas

In these sofa bed reviews we are going to look at some of the great sofabeds that we have on our website. This type of sofa is probably one of the most popular formats that people choose, simply because of its practicality. You can sit on it by day and sleep on it by night. These days you can't tell if a sofa is a sofa bed or not just by looking at it. The folding mechanism has been cleverly designed to slip into the body of the sofa as to be undetectable. All you have to do to set it up is pull up on the bar and the bed will unfold itself with ease. Throw on a sheet, a blanket or a duvet and you have a spare bed up in minutes for your guests.

Sofabeds really are a fantastic invention for those who have occasional guests over to stay. Let’s take a look at some of the best sofas we have in our database. We have selected 4 at a range of prices to give you a taster of what is on offer, for even more choices please remember to visit our main page to compare sofa bed prices.

Yoko Sofa Bed by

Yoko sofa bed in black by

Yoko Sofa Bed Flat

Easily one of the best value sofa beds available at just £249, the Yoko sofa bed is uncomplicated and undemanding but modern at the same time. It has a distinct designer look, and comes in black or cream. It has been designed to be versatile, practical and multi-functional; a perfect addition to a small environment and space. It is so easy to use it just folds down flat and there you go, your bed is ready. This sofabed is popular amongst students and families alike. To find out more about this sofabed simply click on the logo:Yoko sofa bed at

Teddington Sofa Bed by Multiyork Furniture

Teddington Sofabed by Multiyork furniture

One look at this wonderfully cute piece of furniture will tell you why this retailer is one of the best when it comes to buying a sofa. It comes with a natural finish 15 Year Frame construction guarantee, duck feather cushions and and totally changeable covers. Prices: was £2,265.00 now £1,699.00. More information – click on the logo:

Teddington sofa bed at Multiyork Furniture.

Havannah Sofa Bed by Darlings of Chelsea

Havannah sofabed by Darlings of ChelseaHavannah sofa bed laid out

From on of the top names in sofas, this marvellous Italian sofa bed (hand crafted in Italy) is available in a wide selection of high quality hides and fabrics. The 3 seater costs around £1,800. Clicking on the logo will take you straight there: Havannah sofa bed at Darlings of Chelsea.

Sofa Bed Reviews Conclusion

We hope you have found our new sofa bed reviews useful. This is by no means an exhaustive list; we have over 100 different sofa beds on our site. Be sure to browse through them on our main sofabed page. Remember you can set your price range exactly using the slider in the top left, simply enter your amount and press tab or drag the slider buttons using your mouse.

Here is one strange but true fact about sofas that some of us are inclined to forget about: as sofa beds are slept on, the chances are that you or your guests may end up loosing something down the back. Don't forget to check after each time its used for missing jewelery, pens, money and so on!