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Small Sofa Beds

For the occasional single guest, or a cosy sleep for 2, a small sofa bed is ideal. We have on this page the very best sofa beds for small spaces the country has to offer. You can compare our compact sofa beds easily to help you choose the right item at the right price.

Factors in Selecting Small Sofa Beds

There are 2 main reasons why people set out to buy a small sofa bed. The first is cost – little is cheaper than big. On this page you can filter your results by price using the radio buttons at the top. You can visit the cheap sofa bed page, you might be able to pick up a bargain bigger than the 2 seater sofa beds we have on this page if space is not an issue.

small sofa beds

The other reasons is size. Money may not be a big issue, but lets say you need a small sofa bed for a small room. This situation is quite common for first time home owners who have a flat or small house. Get the measuring tape out and double check the dimensions of your space. Cross check your lengths and breadths with that of the sofas you are interested in (the retailers supply this info.) to ensure a good fit.

Alternatively, you may want a single seat sofa bed, which is actually more like a chair than a sofa – nonetheless its still categorised as a single sofa bed. Nabru are well known for these, and their furniture is affordable and superb value for money. These types of small sofa beds will generally consist of a simple fold-out system that literally takes the tiniest of efforts to set up – very handy indeed!

Your standard 2 seater sofa beds will have either the simple fold out mechanisms or the mechanical metal pull up and out system. The latter is superior in may ways as it actually makes a bed with legs, the former is more of a mattress on the floor type of set up.

In general try to get the best quality small sofa bed you can afford. Your guests will sleep better and it will last longer as your sofa too.

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