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Small Fabric Sofas

This page is where you can compare our excellent range of small fabric sofas. We have a variety of items that will suit any budget, in a range of colours, designs and styles to match your preferences and tastes.

Because fabrics are woven (usually by machines), the possible upholstery choices are almost unlimited. However, the patterns tend to fall into 3 broad categories. The first is the most simple, where the material is one colour. Popular choices include various shades of cream, ivory and white; along with reds and blues; plus darker tones of grey and slate. Secondly, there are simple geometric patterns such as stripes which could be horizontal or vertical. Thirdly there are more complex patterns which tend to revolve around floral designs. Some of our online retailers will also allow some sofas to be constructed in your very own material.

small fabric sofas

One aspect to think about as you make your choices is whether you want a single seat cushion or 2. Its entirely a matter of personal preference, as there is no real difference in comfort or utility. The single cushion styles tend to have a cleaner, sleeker look, so are rather modern in taste. The 2 cushion varieties lend themselves to a more classic, traditional feel.

Small Fabric Sofas – Retailers

John Lewis is famous for its 2 seater fabric sofas, but don't forget Laura Ashley or Nabru. The main menu link will take you to the main 2 seater sofa page should you wish to go there.

The ever popular small fabric sofa bed is also worth considering, as many people will often have guests over to stay. A variation on this theme is the small fabric corner sofa, of which we have many to choose from in that category. Bargain hunters – many of our small fabric sofas can be had for less than 500 – check out that category, plus remember to stop by at the Sale page to see of there are any special discounts or voucher codes that will give you even further savings.

Having perused the fabric sofas on this page, you may still be undecided. After all, leather is also an excellent covering so take a look at our small leather sofas page for more inspiration if you fancy. If you are still stuck for ideas or just enjoying our site, then try reading some our blog posts which contain reviews on small sofas.

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