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Small Corner Sofas

The sheer variety of small corner sofas these days means that there are plenty to choose from and finding one you like at the right price should be fairly easy. Usually when looking at small corner sofas for small rooms we are considering that the size is a 2 seater, and that the “squares” are dimensions of 2 x 2 or 3 x 2.

Not just for little rooms, corner sofas for small spaces are needed for cosy bars, cocktail lounges, restaurant waiting areas and similar places where the corner needs filling up with seating.

Small Corner Sofas Retailers

small corner sofas

One of the best retailers in the country for compact corner sofas is of course Nabru. Their furniture is both of an excellent standard of manufacture and amazingly good value. Most of their sofas, small corner units included come in flat packs to be assembled at home. This means that they will fit through any standard sized door – a great benefit for areas where ease of access is an issue. In fact Nabru guarantee that their sofas will get to any place they have to.

Nabru also allows you to build your own fabric corner sofas. This way you can have your very own bespoke small corner sofa, assembled from the modules that you choose. Of course, when going for a small piece of furniture it will not be as expensive as a larger piece. To see our cheap corner sofas of all sizes please follow the menu link to that page.

There tends to be more in the way of small fabric corner sofas than leather ones, but if it is a small leather corner sofa you want to buy then think Darlings of Chelsea for quality. Their Italia range is simply exquisite – comfortable, sophisticated, smooth and available in a superb range of top grain leathers and colours. For the more budget conscious small leather corner units at exceptional value are available.

As well as Nabru we have the best from in a great range of colours and styles.
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