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New Sofa Selection Tool

It has been a long time coming, but our sofa selection tool is now live and on the homepage! We must firstly apologise for the long long time since our last post. The reason being that the site underwent some serious changes to increase usability and help our visitors find a perfect sofa. The main change is of course the sofa finder program on the homepage. There are also several other changes to the category pages so that price ranges can be selected, and if you wish to shop by sofa retailer that is possible too.

Our sofa chooser – or call it a sofa selection AP if you like, allows you to easily specify the most important aspects of your sofa – type, size, covering and price. It then presents you with all the matching items in our database to that you can compare them side by side directly.

image of the sofa selection tool

How to use the Sofa Selection Tool

To use the tool simply click on your selection and then “next step”. You don’t have to click the radio button directly, anywhere within the grey box is fine. After choosing a price range hit “get sofas” and the results will load under the detailed/summary buttons. Those buttons are fairly self-explanatory. They simply swap between views with different amounts of information.

Some of the results do have quite a few sofas in them, so we added a new “scroll to top” feature to make it easier to get back to the main menu – you will see it bottom right.

If you don’t find the toll all that fun, or you have a good idea of what you are looking for, or you simply want to browse around the site try the Sofa Categories on the main menu. These different sections allow you to choose a price and ghet straight to the sofas you are interested in. The exceptions are the cheap categories where the prices have already been set to very low.

Here is an example of the sort of sofas that you can find using our tool:

image of Seed Leather Modular Sofa

Reviews and articles are also on the main menu, again giving access to specific groups of sofas at the click (or tap) of a button. The sofa sale page is still there too – why not see if you can grab a bargain today?

We hope you find our new sofa selection tool useful. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.