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Leather Sofas

On this page you can compare leather sofas in a huge range of colours, designs and styles. With so many to choose from we are confident that you will find just what you need right here.

All of our leather sofas are supplied by the best online retailers where quality and customer service are paramount. Our suppliers use only the finest quality hides in the construction of their furniture. The frames are made from 100% hard woods such as beach or birch.

Now that you have decided on a leather sofa, the next steps are to think about purpose, colour, style & design. Size is also an option to consider, do you need a 2 seater sofa, a 3 seater or larger?

What is your new sofa for? The living room, hallway, study or somewhere else? If so how big is your family – do you need a 3 piece suite and do you want the option of converting it into a bed for your guests? You might be thinking of a corner unit with chaise or footstools. A reclining leather sofa might be on your mind if you like sitting back and watching your favourite shows on TV.

Alternatively the leather sofa may be for your business or place of work. It might be for your reception, gymnasium or bar. Basically wherever there are people, they usually need seats! Take some time to think about what the sofa is really for.

Next of course is colour – very important! Traditionally, various shades of brown are used, since this is leather's most natural look. However, black leather sofas are also very stylish, and if you really want to make a statement, red. With dye technology leather can come in a variety of colours so the choices are almost endless. If you are unsure about what colour of leather sofa to go for try looking at our article on the colours of sofas.

Colour and Style of Leather Sofas

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Now that we have considered what the sofa is for and what colour might suit best, we need to think about shape and form. The style and design of a piece of furniture says a lot. You may be thinking along the lines of a more traditional brand like the Chesterfield. You may be wanting deep seats, high backs and large armrests. Or perhaps minimalist is more your style, with no armrests at all. Some sofas can be round and curvy whilst others are more angular and square. How to choose is not that easy, it comes down to individual tastes, what the room is like and sometimes what image you wish top project to the rest of world, or your clients.

This page contains all the leather sofas that you may wish to browse through. For your convenience we have sub-divided the category and the menu can be accessed at the top. On the menu you will find contemporary leather sofas, Italian sofas and traditional sofas.

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