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Fabric Sofas

Compare fabric sofas on this page. These types of sofas are upholstered from material other then leather. In this section you will find many different fabric sofas in all sort of shapes, sizes and colours. With everything from a small 2 seater through to sofabeds and on to large 5 seater corner units you should have no problem finding precisely the sofa you are looking for.

We offer products exclusively from the most trusted online retailers in the country, who put quality and service first.

The first step in choosing a sofa is the upholstery material, and you have decided already on fabric – an excellent choice! The next step is to choose a colour which is often much easier said than done!

The main function of a sofa of course is for sitting and relaxing on. But there is a bit more to it than that. People like to socialize and have friends and family and guests over to stay. If you don't have a spare room, or you have many people staying, your sofa may also serve as a bed. In which case you'll want a purpose made sofa bed. Location-wise most people spend their time in the living room but sofas can also be for a hallway or study. Size matters as they say, and a large sofa, say a 4 or 5 seater is usually best for the living room (plus a couple of chairs to make a 3 piece suite) whilst a smaller 2 seater is usually better placed in the hallway.

On the other hand the fabric sofa could be destined for your business premises or work place. The reception area, is the most common spot for a sofa for obvious reasons. But also what about if you own a nightclub or bar? You would want your clientele to feel relaxed with their cocktails. When you think about it, wherever human beings go they invariably want somewhere to sit down. Spend a little effort to consider what the sofa is for, how often it will get used and so on. The time spent will ensure you make the right decision later on.

Fabric Sofas – Advice on Colour

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Since the sofa is often the largest item in the room it pays to consider the colour for a while. With fabric, a large selection of colours is possible. If you get stuck, start with dark or light colours, then try to narrow it down. You could also try a process of elimination – decide which colours you definitely don't want and proceed from there.  There is more helpful advice on our page on choosing a colour for you sofa.

So when you have a good about idea what colour is going to work, you need to decide what style or design you want. This aspect is sometimes overlooked, but is important as it affects the overall feel of a room.  Nowadays sofas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you’ll probably want to scan through many to get an overall sense of the different forms.  Fabric sofas can vary in seat depth, back height, armrest size and shape, leg length and in a variety of other ways.

On this page you'll find all the fabric sofas to buy online on our website.  See the top sub-menu far access to designer, contemporary and traditional  fabric sofas.

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