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Corner Sofas

On this page you can compare corner sofas from the best online retailers. There is little doubt that a good corner sofa (sometimes called “L-shaped sofas”) can transform almost any mediocre living room into a wonderful space of relaxation and communication. Ultra functional, flexible and with great looks, these sofas come in a wide array of colours and styles and are upholstered in leather or fabric. In fact, when it comes to watching family TV, curling up with good a book, cuddling up to watch a romantic comedy, taking an afternoon snooze or simply chilling out with friends a corner sofa is simply perfect.

By their very nature corner sofas form the focal point of any room. They give off a strong invitation that seems to say “Hey, come sit over here.” Because of the right angle in the sofa, conversation feels very natural, this is why these sofas feel so sociable. However because of their larger size – they are also great for lying down on. Hence the corner sofa is the most versatile type of seating you can buy. Add to this the fact that many can also be purchased as a sofa bed, you have a great piece of furniture. Add a couple of chairs and you then have an extra special 3 piece suite.

Choosing the right corner sofas for your living room

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Well it may seem obvious but the first thing to do is get the tape measure out. Size matters as they say, the last thing we want is a sofa that doesn’t fit into our corner properly, or one that is too small. On the large side of things (big family) seating up to 6 or 7 people is easily achievable (see the category on large corner sofas). Medium sized would be around 4 seats, ideal for the smaller family (see the small corner sofa page). Remember that many modern corner sofas are modular, so that sections can be added or taken away as required. You may also want to decide if you are going for a left-handed or right-handed set up.

Now onto the nitty gritty – are you going to go for leather or fabric upholstery? An important decision, these 2 materials are very different to sit on and have their own unique and distinctive appearance. See our pages on leather corner sofas and fabric corner sofas for ideas.

Next is colour, another absolutely crucial factor. Depending on your flair for interior design, how the rest of the room looks and so on, choosing the right colour can either be a walk in the park or an uphill struggle. Our page on choosing a sofa colour offers some hints.

Style and design have a particularly strong influence on how corner sofas feel (comfort level) and look (image). Some people prefer clean lines and angles, whilst others go for a more rounded and curvy look. It all comes down to personal preference and what feels right. Go with your instincts and you will make the correct decision. If its a bargain you need try our cheap corner sofa comparison page.

Its also worth considering some space for a low table (such as a square coffee table) to go with the sofa. These types of accessories make a natural addition so they look great as well as providing added functionality. On the topic of accessories, don’t forget about cushions, footstools or an extra chaise for the end.

We have many lovely corner sofas in this section, all constructed from quality materials and supplied by leading online retailers. If you already decided on material, then please navigate to the leather or fabric sections, the menu is at the top.

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