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Compare Sofas Side By Side

We added a new kind on functionality to the site - Compare Sofas Side by Side. Whenever you complete a search for sofas - either via the sofa selection tool on the front page, by using one of the sofa categories or by using the sofa search page - you will see a small compare checkbox with each item. This is seen in either summary view or detailed view. When at least 2 checkboxes are checked, a new button will appear that says "view compare list". Clicking this button will open up a new page with all your checked items listed by price order. This allows you to look at your short list and compare sofas side by side.

A button called "clear all" allows you to reset the entire page and will uncheck all the checked boxes.

Below is an image of what the compare list looks like. compare sofas side by side image

Some browsers are set to block pop up windows so you will need to allow on your browser settings if this happens. Otherwise you will block you own compare sofas side by side list and it wont show. If you just allow this site only then you will still be protected from annoying pop ups from other sites.

We hope this new feature will prove useful to our users who are trying to find and buy a sofa online.