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Cheap Sofas

Compare cheap sofas here! Not to be confused with low quality, our cheap sofas for those on a budget are incredibly good value for money and all supplied by top online retailers.

We have a selection of fabulous sofas all for less than 300. Available in a whole host of lovely colours these cheap sofas are only low in price.

You’ll find great large sofas in this section along with 2 seater sofas. The range of styles we have on offer is splendid, with dozens of different brands available you are sure to find something that suits both your taste and your budget.

compare cheap sofas

Setting one’s finances in order is never an easy task that anyone contemplates with relish. However, we all need to sit down in our living rooms to relax with our family, to read, socialize with friends and watch television. If we haven’t got the cash to spend on expensive items then we seek out the best we can get for the money that we have. Its only natural to go for good value for money items when on a budget, and choosing a good cheap sofa is no different.

So you have a price range in mind, next is to decide on upholstery – leather or fabric. Leather is easy to maintain and looks great, its a good choice for any room. Fabric is somewhat more tactile and easier to sleep on for some people. With removable covers keeping it clean is not a problem.

Choosing a Colour for Cheap Sofas

Next is colour. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t get a fantastic looking contemporary or traditional style to the room that you are furnishing. Cheap sofas come in many different shades and hues, have a look at our page on choosing a colour for your sofa if you need some tips.

After colour comes brand of sofa. This will determine what the style of the sofa is like. Curvy arms or straight, high back or low back, deep set seats or standard, long legs or short and so on. This is really a matter of personal taste and finding what you prefer and what would go well in your room.

Don’t be afraid to look at the more expensive items for ideas. You may be able to find a cheap sofa that is not too far off in looks from one of the designer brands.

Most sofas are expensive, they are large and often handcrafted for quality, they need lots of materials (frame, fillings, upholstery). With our range on this website you should have no problem getting a good budget sofa that will last and give you the comfort you need without compromising on style and quality.

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